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Epic donut stack with a sticky chocolate sauce (gluten, nut and oil free)

The best option for an outdoor birthday party, no sharp knife or plates required! Baked, not fried, they are a much healthier option. These were loved by the kids and adults alike. Warning, have some extra chocolate sauce on hand!

INGREDIENTS (makes 12 donuts)

2 cups of gluten free flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon bicarb soda

1 teaspoon cinnamon

pinch of salt

1/2 cup maple syrup

1 cup soy milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 medium ripe bananas

For sticky chocolate sauce

1/2 cup cocoa powder

1/2 cup maple syrup

1/4 cup soy milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

pinch of salt


Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Mash bananas and mix with maple syrup, soy milk and vanilla. Mix dry ingredients in a separate bowl and then incorporate with the banana mixture. Spoon into non-stick donut molds and bake for about 15 minutes or until slightly golden on top.

While donuts are baking, whisk chocolate sauce ingredients together in a small saucepan. Heat on medium heat until it begins to simmer. Pour into a glass jar and keep aside until you are ready to assemble your epic donut tower. Sauce will thicken as it cools slightly.

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