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Having a plan for the future helps us keep on the right path to wellness



A recent MRI scan has shown that I have "stable disease activity" meaning that I still have lesions on my brain but no new activity. This is great news but I also know that MS isn't only indicated by lesions. There can be disease activity and no lesions. There can also be lesions with no symptoms.

My daughter commented recently "You don't have MS any more do you Mum?". At this point in time I have no symptoms. However if I were to go back to eating a diet high in saturated fats, processed food and animal products I have no doubt that the symptoms and relapses would return.



Having confidence in the future is important. The benefits of diet and lifestyle changes for MS are enormous and backed by evidence. 


Conor Kerley is a medical doctor in the UK. He gives a presentation on diet and MS and eloquently summarises the evidence so far that a diet high in saturated fat leads to disease progression and disability.


Below is a summary of the steps Rebecca has adopted to live a life without symptoms.

  1. Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and a small amount of nuts and seeds every day. 

  2. Keep saturated fat to 10g or less per day by avoiding animal products and processed foods.

  3. Supplementation with Omega 3 through chia, flaxseeds & walnuts in green smoothies or with breakfast.

  4. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Cycle. Walk. Yoga. Do strength training. As often as possible.

  5. Meditate. Try for 20 mins per day. Use mindfulness meditation and focus on healing.

  6. Sunlight and vitamin D 3 (5000 IU/day). Be mindful of skin cancer!

  7. SLEEEEP as much as a busy life and young family will allow.

  8. FAST for remylination and stem cell regeneration by using the Fasting Mimicking diet developed by Prof. Valter Longo.

  9. Prevent family members from developing MS through diet and vitamin D supplementation.

  10. Medication (if required).

  11. Do whatever it takes to be well and stay on top of the scientific research. Adjust this list when necessary


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