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This is Rebecca's story of recovery.

Taking control

Learn how diet and lifestyle changes can help with MS symptoms MS and avoid other chronic illnesses


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future thinking

Having a plan for the future not only sets up success but also gives peace of mind.

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Rebecca Stonor

Rebecca Stonor is a Cooking Instructor, Wellbeing Officer, Plant Scientist and Plant-Based Nutrition Wellness Advocate. She has worked for nearly two decades in plant science and is certified in plant-based nutrition through eCornell University.


After receiving her own life changing diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, Rebecca is staying well by adopting a whole food, plant-based diet and using other lifestyle interventions. A passion for helping others has led her to sharing her knowledge via workplace wellness workshops, plant-based cooking classes and public speaking engagements.


Now writing for SheSapiens as their plant-based nutrition expert, Rebecca shares her experience of the benefits of eating whole plant foods on a global platform. Featured as a guest blogger with Vegan Easy​ and Doctors for Nutrition, her recipes are a valuable resource for those making the change to a plant-based lifestyle.

Rebecca is passionate about showing others through corporate wellbeing programs, plant-based cooking demonstrations and private culinary instruction that nourishing food truly is medicine.


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