Seminars & cooking demonstrations

Good health is our most valuable asset. Numerous studies have indicated that if people eat better, they feel better and take less time off work. They are also more productive and happy in the workplace. 

Knowing what to eat to keep ourselves healthy at all stages of our lives is often confusing. Rebecca has the skills and personal experience to sort through the misinformation in the media about diet it's role in preventing or promoting chronic disease. She presents the science behind the benefits of plant-based nutrition in a digestible format that will inspire you to incorporate more whole plant foods into your daily diet.

Just Eat Plants teaches your employees how a plant-based diet can help them lose weight, prevent chronic illness and feel full of vitality. We can also work with you to establish a workplace nutrition challenge to engage staff and help promote better health via lasting lifestyle change.

We offer:

  • Wellbeing seminars & workshops - on the benefits of plant-based nutrition

  • Corporate nutrition challenges - education followed by 28 days of plant-based meal ideas and group support

  • Live cooking demonstrations - in your workplace

  • Virtual cooking demonstrations - via Zoom or Teams