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Fasting for managing MS

The Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) was developed by Prof. Valter Longo. Studies in mice have shown fasting to reduce autoimmunity and regenerating oligodendrocytes (remyelination).

To help people undertake the FMD, Longo has developed a product called Prolon so that people can safely fast at home. In his book he describes how people with chronic health conditions should do this with supervision from their doctor.

Abstaining from food is not about weight loss, although that is an added benefit. Humans have always fasted, mostly unintentionally. Food didn't always come from a supermarket. In our modern day society we are chronically overfed and undernourished.

Fasting helps to stimulate stem cell regeneration. It allows the body to dispose of unwanted and unhealthy cells and repopulate with fresh new growth.

I fast for 5 days every 2 months. With each cycle it becomes easier and I look forward to it.

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