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Health and well-being is Rebecca's passion. Her goal is to motivate and give people the tools to be the best and healthiest version of themselves.


Through extensive research and personal experience, Rebecca has cut through the confusion and misinformation around diet. She delivers a clear and easy to understand message, backed by scientific evidence, that a whole food, plant-based diet is optimum for human health and longevity.

Rebecca is living proof that this way of eating works to prevent, reverse and heal chronic illness.

If you'd like Rebecca to speak in your workplace and to motivate your employees to take proactive steps towards better wellbeing, please reach out to her via email.


Public Speaking Engagements


Adelaide, Australia

April, 2019

Rebecca is a Healthy Safety and Wellbeing Officer and previously worked in plant science for over 17 years. After experiencing the direct personal health benefits of changing her diet, Rebecca has become a plant-based nutrition advocate. She is successfully using a low fat, whole food plant-based diet to recover from the autoimmune conditions.

Keen to introduce others to the science behind this approach to eating, Rebecca conducts workshops, cooking classes and talks to audiences in Australia. She also shares her health recovery story, culinary creations and support online via Just Eat Plants and Plant Powered Adelaide. Rebecca is passionate about helping others overcome chronic illness through sustainable lifestyle change.

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 Melbourne, Australia
February 2019

Rebecca was invited to share her story of recovery from chronic illness at the Doctors for Nutrition, Nutrition in Healthcare Conference, 2019. She was part of a Q&A panel prior to the Southern Hemisphere premiere of the health documentary, "Code Blue".

Many of the conference delegates remained after the presentation by the keynote speaker, Dr Neal Barnard, to listen to the Q&A panel. This film aims to give many people diagnosed with MS hope and empower them to make lifestyle changes to halt and reverse the disease.

"I hope to break down the stigma associated with Multiple Sclerosis. With the right lifestyle interventions it doesn't have to be a life sentence."



Adelaide, Australia
November 2017

Rebecca spoke alongside Dr Michael Klaper at the Nutrition in Healthcare Symposium in Adelaide. Dr Klaper is a wealth of knowledge and so passionate about plant based nutrition and its power to heal.


Rebecca shared how she was diagnosed with a potentially debilitating and life threatening condition and is healing with lifestyle interventions including a whole food, plant-based diet. 

"It's the food! It's always been the food!"

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