Whole food, plant-based, no oil... and delicious!

I don't normally eat cake but I have made this for birthdays and special occasions. It looks as good as it tastes and passed the taste-test of two kids and a husband.



Who would have thought that something so healthy could be delicious? Black beans, dates and cocoa topped with chocolate avocado mousse. Sprinkle them with chopped raw pistachios and dried goji berries. 

Take them to gatherings and share them. There will be no left overs!


Nice to you. Nice to the animals.

Never throw away over-ripe bananas again! Bananas make the best ice-cream. A dash of cocoa or some blueberries can be a nice addition, or just plain with a splash of vanilla and a couple of dates. You will soon be treating yourself to nice-cream every single day! All you need is peeled, frozen bananas and a high speed blender.


The saturated fats in meat are especially bad for people with MS and for anyone who has yet to be diagnosed with a chronic illness. It also promotes inflammation in our bodies, which many experts suggest is the precursor to disease.

But this dish is really lovely. Low in fat, low in calories and high in fibre you can eat lots of it! You can find cans of green jackfruit in water from local Asian grocers and add whatever flavouring you choose. BBQ, curry, tomato ragu style, wrapped in lettuce leaves or on top of brown rice.  So. Good.


Sometimes we all need something tasty to snack on. Cheese is highly addictive, a concentrated source of saturated fats and high in sodium, none of which are health promoting. To break the cheese addiction and  the casomorphin hit that comes with dairy, there are many plant-based alternatives. Many of these are high in saturated fats from nuts and coconut oil. This recipe for chickpea cheese is low in fat compared to other nut-based cheeses but still delivers the Umami flavour of regular cow cheese. It is delicious with  flaxseed crackers and a little bit of beetroot relish and avocado. 


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